Best Microphone For YouTube Vlogging in 2021

Are you an upcoming YouTuber who wants to kickstart their career in vlogging? Vlogging is one of the best sources of passive income. With just a few pieces of equipment, you can become a vlogger. If you are recording videos with a smartphone or camera with a built-in microphone, this could affect the sound quality.

People aren’t going to follow you if they can’t hear your voice. The major problem with built-in mics is that they tend to be of low quality, and they may capture noises in the background as they are omnidirectional. 

So instead, you should check out the unidirectional or bidirectional mics that only capture your voice and have a noise-cancellation feature for YouTube vlogging. 

There are plenty of microphones on the market, which makes it difficult to choose the best one. Worry not; we’ve listed down the 13 best microphones for Youtube Vlogging in 2021.

  • Blue Yeti – Best Bluetooth Microphone for YouTube
  • Rode VideoMicro Microphone – Best Microphone For Youtube Beginners
  • Joby Wavo Microphone – Best Microphone For Vlogging
  • PowerDeWise Lavalier Microphone – Best Lapel Mic For Youtube
  • Audio Technica AT2020 – Best USB Mic For Youtube
  • TAKSTAR SGC-598 – Best Shotgun Mic For YouTube Videos
  • Lenton Mic Kit – Best Microphone For Youtube Videos With iPhone
  • Blue Snowball Microphone – Best USB Mic For Podcast
  • Zoom H1 Microphone – Best Wireless Mic For Youtube Vlogging
  • Sennheiser MKE 400 Microphone – Best Shotgun Mic for YouTube Vlogging
  • RODE VIDEO MIC GO Microphone – Best Microphone On A Budget For YouTube Vlogging
  • PoP Voice lavalier Microphone – Best Overall
  • VM20 Microphone – Best Multi-functional Shotgun Microphone

13 Best Microphone For YouTube Vlogging Reviews

1-Blue Yeti – Best Bluetooth Microphone for YouTube 

The first product that I will review is Amazon’s best seller USB condenser, the Blue Yeti. YouTubers commonly use this product to record videos as it has three sound-recording modes: cardioid, omnidirectional, bidirectional, and stereo. 

I love how you can easily switch between different modes depending upon the nature of your video. For example, if you’re gaming, you can use the cardioid mode to talk with other players as it captures the voice in front of the mic.

Make sure the USB microphone you get has a headphone jack. Fortunately, this microphone has a headphone jack which means you can easily connect your headphone to the mic. 

Blue Yeti comes with a sturdy stand. However, considering you only need to speak from a few inches away, I would skip the mic stand and buy a boom arm or mic stand instead. Since Blue Yeti has a very strong build, it’s very heavyweight, so you can’t mount it in an ordinary stand. 


  • Capsules: 3 Condensers
  • Output: USB
  • Product Weight: 3.2 pounds
  • Modes: Omnidirectional, Cardioid, and Stereo
  • Compatibility: Windows XP, 7, 8, and 10.
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • It’s budget-friendly
  • Easy plug and play
  • Easy to set up
  • Doesn’t have a good customer service

All in all, the Blue Yeti works best for those who are new to the world of vlogging and want a microphone that fits their budget. The sound quality is good, and it is very easy to use.

2- Rode VideoMicro Microphone – Best Microphone For Youtube Beginners

Are you searching for a budget-friendly microphone for your camera or smartphone? You don’t have to grow broke with the Rode VideoMicro Microphone. It’s a complete package at a great price.

I prefer lightweight microphones, and I was happy when I got my hands on the microphone because it’s very compact and easy to carry. In addition, you can hook it up with either your phone or DSLR.

It also comes with a furry windscreen that cancels out the windy noise and other sound pollution. Moreover, it has a shock absorption system through which you can quickly minimize the noise of the vibration. 


  • Cardioid Polar Pattern
  • Capsule: 0.50”
  • Frequency range: 100Hz – 20 kHz
  • Weight: 42 lbs.
  • Output: 3.5 mm output
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Budget-friendly
  • Sturdy build
  • Compact size
  • Average sound quality when used with a Canon DSLR

I would recommend this microphone to those recording on the go, vlogging on the go, or are just looking for a microphone to get their career started. It’s an affordable vlogging microphone that isn’t too heavy.

3-Joby Wavo Microphone – Best Microphone For Vlogging

Vloggers were the target audience for Joby Wavo, and we believe that this is evident in the product’s design. With its super-cardioid pattern, this microphone on camera will capture your voice.

But it is the portability, lightness, and compact size that make it most attractive. By attaching it to your phone, camera, or tripod, you’re able to ensure consistent audio across multiple devices when vlogging.

I love that the Joby Wavo doesn’t need to be charged as it isn’t battery-operated. Also included are a Rycote Duo-Lyre shock mount and a foam windshield. Here is everything you would need to make a quality Vlog!


  • Unidirectional Polar Pattern
  • Connector: 3.5 mm Jack
  • Product weight: 0.04 kg
  • Extremely light-weight
  • Good sound quality
  • Universal compatibility
  • A bit higher on the price

All in all, it’s the best affordable microphone for YouTube and does a great job at recording high sound quality vlogs for your YouTube channel. The only drawback is that it’s a bit expensive for first-time vloggers, but the investment is worth it. 

4-PowerDeWise Lavalier Microphone – Best Lapel Mic For Youtube

If you cannot afford to buy one of the expensive Vlogging microphones on our list today, there is no shame in that because we’ve picked out the best microphone for vlogging that too at an affordable price. As well as being compatible with most smartphones, this device is plug-and-play, so there are no drivers to be installed.

I love how this product offers superior build quality and sound quality, especially in terms of sensitivity. Because it can pick up nearby sounds so well, it can even pick up whispers within a few feet of the speaker.

With the extensions and Y-adapter, the cord length can be set up for almost any studio or remote setup for conversations or interviews. You won’t find a better deal for what you’re getting at this price.


  • Omnidirectional Polar Pattern
  • Connector: 3.5 mm Jack
  • Product Weight: 6 ounces
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Great value for the price
  • Excellent customer service
  • Good sound quality
  • The cord is thin

Overall, the PowerDeWise is perfect for those who are looking for a great Lavelier Microphone for vlogging. From the packaging to the carry case and the actual product, Power Denise has demonstrated quality in each product.

5-Audio Technica AT2020 – Best USB Mic For Youtube

Our recommendation for studio recording needs is the Audio-Technica AT2020 USB+. It is perfect for creating voiceovers for your travel or documentary videos, as well as streaming.

In a controlled environment, the sound reproduction is perfect, and it is reasonably priced. You’ll have to download the software drivers before using the microphone, which will take a while. 

However, I love how this piece is versatile, and the build is sturdier than other microphones in this range. Also, with the AT2020 USB+, you will enjoy exceptional clarity and more volume thanks to the internal headphone amplifier.


  • Unidirectional Polar Pattern
  • Connector: USB
  • Product Weight: 0.39 kg
  • No of channels: 1
  • Compatibility: Windows 7/Vista/XP/200/8/10 and Mac OS X
  • Suited for voiceovers and recording in studios
  • High sound quality
  • Not suitable for a desk

Audio Technica is not used with desks, but a boom mic stand may be necessary for conveniently mounting the USB microphone. Overall, it’s an excellent microphone for your home-based studio.

6-TAKSTAR SGC-598 – Best Shotgun Mic For YouTube Videos

The TAKSTAR SGC-598 is a high-end microphone with an affordable price tag. This microphone might be the perfect solution for those looking for a shotgun mic at a reasonable price.

It has shock mounts, a foam windshield, a low-cut switch, and a plus 10dB gain boost, making it an ideal microphone for travel or food vlogging. With the heart-shaped pickup, you won’t hear background noises, so that you can use it outside and in crowded areas. But, sadly, it doesn’t filter out static noise.

I love that the shotgun comes with a long-lasting AA battery that can be easily found when needed. It also comes with a nice portable bag. If you want to use the microphone for your smartphone, you may need a C-shaped stabilizer to mount your phone and the mic. 


  • Unidirectional Polar Pattern
  • Product Weight: 0.75 pounds
  • No of batteries required: 1 AA Battery
  • Compatibility: SLR, DSLR, and smartphone
  • Good quality of the sound recording
  • Affordable price
  • Good battery
  • It may not work on all cameras

Overall, the TAKSTAR SGC-598 works well with most cameras. Therefore, you need to do proper research as to whether your camera is compatible with the mic. However, even at 6 meters, you can record clearly with the TAKSTAR SGC-598, making it ideal for documenting your travel experiences.

7-Lenton Mic Kit – Best Microphone For Youtube Videos With iPhone

If you want to do vlogging with a smartphone like an iPhone, you’re looking for the best microphone for YouTube vlogging; you can’t go wrong with this Lenton microphone.

It’s a complete package with everything you need, from the windscreen to LED light. In addition, the quality of the microphone is beyond amazing. With just a phone and your mic, you can do wonders. 

If you’re a big fan of ASMR videos, this microphone can easily capture sensitive sounds. The LED light that comes with it is super bright and easily adjustable. You can also connect the mic to your DSLR


  • Unidirectional Polar Pattern
  • No of batteries required: 2 AA Batteries
  • Product Weight: 60 gms
  • Compatibility: Smartphone and Camera
  • Kit includes: Microphone, LED light, tripod stand, and phone holder.
  • Complete kit
  • Great LED light
  • The tripod isn’t as sturdy

If you’re a beginner who wants to start vlogging and you’re looking for a complete videography kit at a decent price range, this is the product you should be looking for. Unfortunately, the tripod doesn’t have a strong build, but you can buy it separately if you want to use it.

8-Blue Snowball Microphone – Best USB Mic For Podcast

I prefer to be small and portable for recording podcasts, where the Blue snowball microphone comes into play. With its white metallic finish and slick coating, it has a stylish, round design.

Beginning vloggers who want high-quality audio can use this because it does not have complicated buttons and settings. In addition, this microphone includes 2 modes: cardioid and omnidirectional.

Bass sounds in your voice can be picked up with minimal background noise. Moreover, you can easily connect with your PC and Mac easily and do your recordings.


  • Unidirectional Polar Pattern
  • Product weight: 0.1 grams
  • Compatibility: PC and Mac
  • Connector: USB
  • Cardioid Pattern
  • Compact in size
  • Cuts out background noise
  • Good sound quality
  • Doesn’t have a mute button

I would strongly recommend this product for those seeking a small and portable microphone for podcasting, voiceovers, and conversational videos. With a budget-friendly cost, it’s easy to use, and you won’t be disappointed.

9-Zoom H1 Microphone – Best Wireless Mic For Youtube Vlogging

Even though it’s not the cheapest of our options, the Zoom H1 has quite excellent audio quality and has all the features you might need for your vlogs.

The fact that this microphone is wireless is one of my favorite features. I dislike wires, and they can easily be damaged when using the product for long periods. 

With its easy-to-use navigation and straightforward buttons, you’ll enjoy using this digital recorder. It can even be used as a regular microphone without recording.

I also like how lightweight and compact the microphone’s design is, making it very easy to carry around without any hassle. You can use this for either vlogging on your smartphone or your camera. It will work well with any of the devices. 

The sound quality is crystal clear, and it picks up everything. When you’re recording your voice, you can set a sound level and mark the spots on the audio to return to those spots during editing. Then, on the actual device, you can play back and listen.


  • Product Weight: 0.15 pounds
  • Connector: USB
  • No of batteries: 2 AA batteries
  • Compatibility: Smartphones and Camera
  • Easy to setup
  • Extremely lightweight
  • The build isn’t strong

In a nutshell, The Zoom H1 is among the best wireless microphones for those looking for a mid-range wireless microphone to set it up with smartphones or cameras. This product, however, does have some drawbacks, such as the lack of durability, but it does the job well.

10-Sennheiser MKE 400 Microphone – Best Shotgun Mic for YouTube Vlogging 

Sennheiser’s MKE 400 is one of the best microphones for vloggers who use on-camera microphones. MKE 400 is relatively small because the head is mounted on cameras with an external microphone input and a lighting shoe mount.

Fitting the microphone is easy, and I was impressed by the battery life of the microphone. With just one AAA battery, it lasted for 300 hours. 

A side noise rejection feature and switchable sensitivity will make video recording easier. The Shockmount also keeps handling noise to a minimum while recording video and audio. 

The camera is also quite small and very light so that it won’t slow you down. You can carry this mic around if you want to travel light but still require all your equipment, making it an ideal choice for travel vloggers.


  • Unidirectional Polar Pattern 
  • Product Weight: 0.13 pounds
  • Connector: 3.5 mm Jack
  • No of batteries required: 1 AAA Battery
  • Compatibility: PC
  • Sleek and compact design
  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy to setup
  • Can’t cancel out the wind noise

Sennheiser’s MKE 400 shotgun mic is a great option for first-time users of external camera microphones. In terms of price and quality, it compares favorably with similar microphones. 

For anyone wishing to keep their video kit compact, this directional microphone is a great option. Feature-rich, all-in-one design makes the shotgun mic ideal for journalists and documentary-makers, who can pick up voices from crowds.

11-RODE VIDEO MIC GO Microphone – Best Microphone On A Budget For YouTube Vlogging

Despite its excellent audio quality, the traditional shotgun microphone can be difficult to use, as it requires a boom operator. This won’t happen if you use an on-camera shotgun microphone like the Rode VideoMic Go.

It provides crisp, directional audio and is easy to use. In addition, this mic has a narrow pickup area that will only pick up sounds directly in front of it so that background noise can be reduced.

Vloggers of almost any type will benefit from this mic, from travel, beauty, and lifestyle channels. Rycote Lyre shock mounts ensure that the mic will remain mounted on your camera even while you’re moving.

I like how lightweight the product is, and the compact design makes it easier to carry it easily while you’re on the go. 


  • Unidirectional Polar Pattern
  • Product Weight: 0.16 lbs.
  • Connector: Easy Plug and Play
  • No batteries required
  • Windshield included
  • Compatibility: Smartphones and Camera
  • Affordable price
  • Comes with an integrated shock mount
  • No batteries needed
  • It doesn’t have a sturdy build

I would recommend this product to those looking for an affordable microphone to record daily vlogs or videos. It’s very easy to use for beginners, and it picks up noise directly from the front while reducing any background noise.

12-PoP Voice lavalier Microphone – Best Overall

Another decent Omni-directional plug-in mic on the market can offer nearly the same mobile microphone features but at almost half the price. The metal clip keeps it firmly attached, although the clip itself can also be removed for more flexibility.

You can use this microphone on your computer or phone. It comes with a generous long cord, 2 extra wind muffs, a 4 pin to 3 pin adapter to connect to your computer, laptop, or desktop, and the entire package come in a velvet drawstring storage bag.

The size of the microphone is petite, and you can attach it to your shirt quickly. It picks up the voice of the speaker easily and eliminates any background noise.


  • Omnidirectional Polar Pattern
  • Connector: 3.5 mm Jack
  • Compatibility: PC, laptop, and smartphone
  • Easy Plug and Play
  • Affordable price
  • Small design
  • Easy to use
  • It may not be suitable for cameras

Both smartphones and PCs can use this microphone seamlessly. You won’t be disappointed by the sound quality of the microphone it offers at this price.

13-COMICA CVM-VM20 Microphone – Best Multi-functional Shotgun Microphone

Metal construction is a distinctive feature of Comica CVM-VM20, which is praised for shielding external electromagnetic interference. This would be ideal if you were vlogging in an area with a lot of radio stations.

The build quality is excellent, but the rotating gain adjustment knob is easily misaligned. However, if you’re careful, this should not be an issue.

Comic CVM-VM20’s low-cut filter modes minimize background noise, and its super-cardioid pattern optimizes the sound for precise recording. In addition, the battery life of this microphone is impressive because it’s going to last for a long time with or without use.


  • Unidirectional Polar Pattern
  • Product Weight: 84 grams
  • Connector: USB
  • Compatibility: Smartphone and DSLR
  • Has a good battery life
  • Blocks any signal interference
  • Has a great battery life
  • It cannot be used as a USB microphone

Overall, the Comica CVM is one of the best microphones for YouTube vlogging. From durability to sound quality to great battery life, you’ll find everything you need in one microphone.

Buying Guide

What Microphones do Youtubers Use?

The most popular website after Google is YouTube. It is the second-largest social network where you’ll find a huge amount of video content. YouTubers use a specially designed microphone to record audio.

YouTubers use a wide range of microphones according to their budget and needs. Just like how video quality is important for YouTubers. Likewise, having an external microphone for vlogging is essential for recording videos having high-quality sound.

Types of Microphones Used By Youtubers 

Lavalier Microphone

Lavalier microphones are small enough to attach to shirts or blouses. As a result, the subject can be heard even if they are out of sight or out of range of the picture. 

You’ll find some models of lavalier microphones to be expensive while others are budget-friendly. This microphone is best for vloggers who want to conduct interviews and record conversations with guests. It can also be used to start a podcast channel.

Shotgun Microphone

Shotgun microphones can easily be connected to smartphones or DSLR cameras. They are popular microphones for YouTubers since they can easily be set up and attached to the hand-held device. People believe they amplify sound, but they don’t. However, they work well when recording distantly.

USB Microphones

With a USB microphone, you don’t need to purchase many equipments, and it’s very easy to set up. In addition, the USB Microphone is portable and should work on any computer, Mac, iPad, or laptop if you purchase one. 

The microphone contains all the wiring needed to connect to a USB port and begin recording. You can use it to record podcasts, interviews, tutorials, and do voice-overs.

DSLR microphones

The DSLR microphones mount to a DSLR camera hot shoe and are excellent for filming outdoors or without a computer. This type of microphone is expensive than its counterparts, but if you don’t want to compromise on the sound quality, you can’t go wrong with the DSLR microphone. In addition, it’s perfect for vlogging since it’s portable while you’re on the go.

Smartphone Microphones

The use of an external mic for recording videos on smartphones is very popular among vloggers. So if you want to record videos on the go, you should check out the smartphone microphones in the list.

Factors To Consider Before Buying the Best Microphone For Vlogging

Before you decide which microphone would be the best for vlogging, take a moment to consider a few things:

  • Type of Microphone

As discussed above, there are various types of microphones available in the market. You need to choose the one that best suits your needs.

For example, if you’re going to use a DSLR for video blogging, go for a DSLR microphone or if you use your smartphone, choose the best smartphone mic. Make sure you know what you’re buying.

  • Budget

It’s best not to spend a fortune on a microphone because vlogging requires other equipment like a camera and ring light, among others. Therefore, you should go for a budget-friendly mic if you’re on a tight budget.

How To Avoid Common Audio Issues?

You’ll come across various audio issues while you’re recording your next vlog for your YouTube channel. They may occur with or without the microphone, so we’ll discuss some of the common issues and how you can fix them:

Background Noise

Background noise is one of the common audio issues experienced by every YouTuber on earth. So you should get your hands on a unidirectional mic that can cancel out the background noise.

However, you may still hear some background noise that is too amplified. In that case, you should always keep your microphone very close to your mouth so that the microphone can catch the louder voice.

Voice Echo

Another common issue is that you may experience voice echo, which could be due to several reasons. The major reason is if you’re using the room or have a studio to record vlogs, empty spaces might be the problem.

If your room has no furniture, there are high chances of your room being echoy. The quick and easiest fix is to add furniture to your room, and you’ll notice that the echo has disappeared just like that. 


Outside, the wind is the most common problem you’ll encounter. Your microphone becomes so noisy when the wind hits it that you can barely record anything. 

This could be a big hurdle when you’re recording travel vlogs. Therefore, you might need a windscreen to eliminate the windy noise in the background while recording a video.

Final Recommendation

Suppose you are looking for a USB microphone for YouTube video vlogging. In that case, you may want to consider the Audio-Technica AT2020 because it is not only affordable, but the sound quality is exceptional for creating voiceovers for travel or documentary videos, as well as streaming.

Speaking of the best shotgun microphone for Youtube vlogging, you can’t go wrong with The TAKSTAR SGC-598 if you want to record professional vlogs without background noises.

As for the best Lavelier microphone, go for PowerDeWise as it’s easy to set up, and you can easily record professional podcasts and conversations.

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