How to Download YouTube Videos Without Any Software in 2021?

Every one of us has a different reason for legally downloading a YouTube video. Isn’t downloading a YouTube video usually a difficult task? Is it necessary to download extra software? It seems to be even more challenging for such a short film.

YouTube is the world’s most popular video-on-demand service. In reality, YouTube receives over 30 million daily visitors who watch 5 billion videos. It’s now easier to handle downloads from YouTube and other comparable sites thanks to the availability of a variety of tools.

However, there may be times when downloading a YouTube video is necessary and software installation is not possible. Here, we sort out all of the possible ways to download YouTube videos without using any software.

How Can I Download YouTube Videos Directly?

YouTube does not allow to save videos straight to the computer. To download a YouTube video, you’ll need to use a third-party service, install software, or subscribe to YouTube. To save YouTube videos to your phone or tablet, follow these steps.

How to Download YouTube Videos Without any App?

You may download YouTube videos directly without any application by two approaches. The first is through the use of extensions, and the second is through the use of online YouTube video downloaders.

How to Download YouTube Videos Without any Software in Google Chrome?

There is plenty of software available for direct download of YouTube videos. But, if the software you wish to install doesn’t just download or use your mobile or computer space to download YouTube videos.

Download YouTube videos with the Google Chrome extension of YouTube video downloader. With the video downloader extension, we may easily download YouTube videos without any Google chrome software.

How to download youtube videos without any software on mobile?

No, you can’t download YouTube videos to your mobile phone without the necessary applications. Free options are available to download your iPhone or Android phone videos.

For iPhone Users

Apples Need Download the Readdle Documents software. It enables users to search and open YouTube videos using a web browser and download and save media files for iPhone users. 

Users Using Android Devices

Items Required: Google Chrome, Android Video Player.

  • Go to via Google Chrome.
  • Then, in ddownr, paste the YouTube video URL.
  • Save the YouTube video to your device.
  • In the installed video player, look for and play the YouTube video.

How to Download Youtube Videos Without any Software in Firefox?

In Firefox, you may download YouTube videos without installing any software. Search for “YouTube Downloader” in Mozilla Firefox’s “Extensions” tab. Install the extension and start watching the YouTube video you wish to save.

Select the appropriate video quality from the list by clicking the “Extensionz” icon. That’s what it’s there for; the video will download to your computer. You can also download the mp3 file, which is one of the critical benefits of employing this extension. If you only need the audio track and don’t require the video, this will be useful.

How to Download YouTube Videos on Pc?

Naturally, it’s worth remembering that the most excellent method to support your favorite channels is by watching content and not skipping advertising. You can use a website to paste the video URL when you wish to save YouTube videos to your laptop or PC. There are numerous such websites. However, they are frequently takedown.

SaveFrom currently works. However, it does not allow you to save just the audio, and even if a video is in 1080p or 4K, you can only save a 720p version. A slew of others, such as SaveFrom, aim to persuade you to install apps or web browser extensions to get the best download quality.

Final Words

We have researched, examined, and published the best techniques without using software to download YouTube videos. I hope you found this article to be informative.

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