Why Vlogging is So Popular in 2021- Top 7 Reasons Reveled!

Videos have become increasingly popular among Millennials and Generation Z. Whether you’re looking for makeup tutorials, room makeovers, or travel vlogs, you’re only a tap away from the YouTube world. Forget about having a professional degree when you can make a living off Youtube and turn it into a career. When do you ask a child what they wish to become when they get older? 

Answers will not be typical ones like a doctor or engineer, but the most common ones will be a vlogger. We are left wondering why vlogging has become so popular. This blog will shed light on the pointers that make Vlogging so popular amongst the youth.

1-Potential Career

Anyone can kickstart their blogging career. All you need is the necessary equipment and a sprinkle of confidence. You don’t need to own an expensive camera or have prior experience in video editing skills. You can start from scratch by using a simple smartphone and selfie stick.

Once your vlogging channel grows and generates revenue, you can easily upgrade your equipment. Most importantly, you should also know your audience so that you can reach more people.

2-Platform to Express Yourself

Video blogging gives you the chance to express yourself through your personal stories, educational content, or entertainment stories. The focus of attention does not necessarily have to be on your life. You’ll find different content creators who share podcasts, pranks, or informative and motivational content to educate the masses. By vlogging, you create a sense of belonging and connection with your main audience.

3-Generate Revenue

One of the major reasons vlogging is so popular is that one can make a living. Making money on YouTube is a way of life for many popular YouTubers. Their earnings amount to millions of dollars. Sponsorships, Patreon, YouTube ads, and selling merch are all ways to earn money.

The best way to earn money is through sponsorships, Patreon, and merch. You can also provide online courses as part of your expertise in a particular domain. There is absolutely no limit to the ideas you can come up with for your channel. People are more inclined to watch videos than read articles online in the digital age, making vlogging a growing industry.  

4-Build a Community

You can create a large community of people who share similar interests. Connecting with communities encourages healthy discussions and raw feedback and creates a sense of togetherness for content creators to grow and produce better content. 

Your sole purpose isn’t to earn money via the platform but to know your target audience, connect with them and build trust. It will automatically open doors to the source of income. 

5-Connect with People Across the Globe

Vlogging is the perfect way to connect with people belonging to different countries and cultures. It gives you a chance to showcase your culture and interact with racial groups. Your videos can reach audiences throughout the world, which will make you stand out among your peers. Renowned international brands will also approach you and offer sponsorship. 

6-Make a Difference

Your vlogs can make a difference in the world by amplifying your voice and sharing your opinions on a wide variety of topics, be it discrimination, social campaigns, human rights, and many more. We shouldn’t underestimate social media’s power because it has the potential to offer a powerful message to the world. 

7-Relatable Content

One thing that makes vlogs engaging and shareable is that they tend to show things people can relate to. Whether it be a humorous anecdote or a very serious, personal story, it can be any tale. 

People generally seek to feel accompanied, to believe that they are not alone or that those around them have encountered similar experiences. Therefore, vlogging can enable a strong bond with the audience to spread empathy and love.

Final Words

Those of you who have what it takes to become a vlogger can take this chance to show their skills. Don’t expect to grow your channel overnight. You have to put a lot of heart into the content you write and understand the audience. 

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