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Why Your YouTube Channel Is Not Growing? Top 5 Reasons with Fixes

Why Your YouTube Channel Is Not Growing

Are you a YouTuber who doesn’t get enough views on your channel? Worry not; there are content creators who are in the same boat as you. Your YouTube channel may not be growing for a variety of reasons. Throughout this guide, we’ll walk you through everything you might be doing wrong and how you can fix it right away. 



  • 1-No Consistency
    • The Fix
  • 2-Poor Video Thumbnail
    • The Fix
  • 3-Poor Audio Quality
    • The Fix
  • 4-Your Videos Don’t Offer Value
    • The Fix
  • 5-Your Videos aren’t SEO-optimized
    • Final Words

1-No Consistency

The consistency of your videos is an important factor that most upcoming YouTubers either ignore or underestimate. Without consistency on YouTube, your viewers and subscribers won’t know when and what your videos will cover, nor will they know what your channel is about, so why would anyone subscribe?

Inconsistency can greatly damage your video’s ability to rank. The YouTube algorithm is based on certain metrics, such as how many views the video has and how consistent the channel is.

When we say consistency, we aren’t referring to how frequently your channels upload videos, but your content also needs to be relevant. For example, if you’ve created a channel that focuses on podcasts, the content should be based on that. Relevance matters as well.

The Fix

Your objectives should be clear. It’s important to keep track of what content you produce and how frequently you upload it. Stick to a proper upload schedule and choose a niche that best defines your purpose for creating the channel.

You’re giving YouTube’s algorithm more information about your channel by staying consistent, so it can then suggest it to people who might be interested in what you’re posting. By creating videos consistently, you will increase the chance of Youtube picking up your channel.

2-Poor Video Thumbnail

One of the reasons why your YouTube views aren’t increasing is due to poor video thumbnails. The first thing the viewer sees is the thumbnail of the video. Regardless of how great the video is and how valuable the content is, the viewers will most likely skip right past it if it doesn’t catch the eye.

One of the common mistakes video creators does use low-quality and low-resolution images. A thumbnail that has a very bland picture that is poorly edited won’t convert viewers into subscribers.

The Fix

To create a good thumbnail, the subject of the video should be relevant, and the contrast should be good. Additionally, you should always create custom thumbnails rather than using screenshots from the video. Finally, make sure you edit the thumbnail and choose the right saturation and contrast levels.

3-Poor Audio Quality

The audio component of YouTube videos is often overlooked when it comes to making quality videos. It’s hard to comprehend how important audio is when you’re starting, but think of all the videos you’ve watched that have terrible audio.

The video quality isn’t the only factor that truly matters but what matters the most is how crisp, clear and audible the sound is. There is no point in shooting an HD-quality video when the sound is poor. 

Even if you don’t own a top-rated camera, the audio quality remains important since you provide value to the viewers. Likewise, if the video offers value, the viewers definitely won’t mind average video quality. Therefore, there are different ways you could improve the audio quality of the video.

The Fix

It’s important to invest smartly in equipment to create videos. First and foremost, you should focus on improving the audio quality by investing in high-quality microphones. You can purchase either a USB mic that comes with the table stand or goes for a lavalier microphone that would be of great value.

After purchasing the microphone, you should eliminate any unnecessary background noise while filming the video. Utilize microphones with noise cancellation features and windscreens to eliminate wind-related noises. 

Make sure that if you’re recording a podcast or recording a video with a conversation going on, you don’t put music in the background so that the listener can hear the creator’s voice.

4-Your Videos Don’t Offer Value

Audiences need to know why they should consume content. If your video doesn’t offer any value, chances are you won’t get a subscriber. To attract subscribers, you should provide some value to them, such as entertainment videos, tutorials, motivational stories, etc. 

YouTube channels are successful because they offer solutions to their audience’s problems while also providing entertainment. That’s how you can offer value and give your audience the reason to watch your videos. 

The Fix

Pick any niche you have expertise in and could offer some value. Determine what your audience wants and then approach them with your content. Consider what you can teach them and what you can offer them.

5-Your Videos aren’t SEO-optimized

One of the most frequently asked questions is, why can’t I find my YouTube channel in search? This is probably because your videos aren’t optimized.

Most of the upcoming content creators don’t know what SEO is. To grow your audience, it’s important to optimize your YouTube channel for search engines. Implementing good SEO strategies means that you’ve incorporated the right keywords.

For instance, if you’ve made a video tutorial on “how to fix Windows 10 startup problem”, the related keywords would be windows 10, startup problem, windows OS, etc., that you can add in the video tags. 

The title and the description should also be SEO optimized. Make sure the title includes the exact keyword that users might search for on YouTube. The algorithm displays results relevant to the search term.

Therefore, make sure you’ve SEO optimized your videos. You can use keyword research tools that will help you find the exact keywords that people search for and help you optimize your videos easily. 

Final Words

You should think about these reasons as to why your YouTube channel is not growing. Keeping your channel consistent, improving your audio quality, working on your SEO, and having patience will help you grow. 



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